"Security you can count on"                        

Attempted Break-ins? 

  • We will patrol and watch your property and vacate unwanted person in your property, we specialize in breaking bad habits,if they refuse to leave, we will contact LAW ENFORCEMENT!

False Alarm Fines? Fire Alarm Watches at very competitive rates.

  • Save in insurance premiums, let us go check your building if an alarm is false or not, if it is an actual alarm we will contact LAW ENFORCEMENT or EMS and your manager.

Vandalism, Vagrants sleeping on your Property? 

  • We are here to observe and we will report directly to Law Enforcement any suspicious activities.


  • We will patrol your property at random times,on a fully marked Patrol Vehicle equipped with video & voice recording (D.P.S. Patrol Option with Patrol Car Video-Voice recording & Officer body cameras) to deter criminal activity away or remove unwanted persons or report criminal activity or vagrancy from your premises!