"Security you can count on"                        

Security Guard and Patrol Services

DOMESTIC PROTECTION SERVICE Is focused on providing Armed & Unarmed Professional Security Service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we will do everything we can to meet our client expectations. 

We have a broad range of contracted professional security services to include: 

  • Access control to gated communities
  • High rise security
  • Construction site security 
  • Community patrols

  • Auto Dealerships-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Banks/Office Buildings-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Bus/Train Terminals-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Construction Sites-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Courier/Escort-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Churches/Temples/Place of Worship-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Fast Food Establishments-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Golf/Tennis/Yatch Clubs-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Government Contracts-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    High Schools & /or Lower Grades-Unarmed Guards

    Hotels/Motels-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Industrial(Warehouse/Factories)-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Apartments-Low Income-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Apartments-Mid-High Income-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Residential High-Middle Income-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Residential Condos Townhouses-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Residential-Gated Community-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Parking Garages-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Patrol Cars-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Retail Stores-Furniture (Outside/Parking/Tent Sales)-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    School Services/Clinics-Armed Unarmed Guards

    Trucking Terminals-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Waterfront/Piers/Marinas-Armed/Unarmed Guards

    Water Authorities/Reservoirs-Armed/Unarmed Guards

Service Description

Directed Patrol Service (D.P.S.) 

This service employs Armed Security Professionals as a standard service and fully marked Company Patrol Vehicles with video and voice monitoring systems, the  patrol vehicles are State approved equipped with green and amber emergency lights to further make presence on your property and community. Our uniformed officer arrives on property in a fully marked Company vehicle and conducts a thorough inspection of your property.

Security Professional

This service employs Armed Security Professionals whom have a background on prior or current Military or Police Service and are highly trained to perform their tasks, they are licensed to carry a weapon, ranging from a club and spray can to a firearm, while carrying out his duty of protecting an individual or property. 

Unarmed Security Professional

This service employs Unarmed Uniformed Security Professionals who are trained to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel.

  • Secures premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry.
  • Obtains help by sounding alarms.
  • Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators of policy and procedures; restraining trespassers.
  • Controls traffic by directing drivers.

After signing a service contract with Domestic Protection Service, LLC. we will be happy to provide your protected premises with as many signs, as are appropriate, and erect them FREE OF CHARGE. 

Attempted Break-ins? 

  • We will patrol and watch your property and vacate unwanted person in your property, we specialize in breaking bad habits,if they refuse to leave, we will contact LEO!

False Alarm Fines?

  • Save in insurance premiums, let us go check your building if an alarm is false or not, if it is an actual alarm we will contact LEO or EMS and your manager.


  • We are here to observe and we will report directly to Law Enforcement any suspicious activities.


  • We come and go at random times on your property,to drive criminal activity away or catch them in the act!

Fire Watches?
We have very competitive rates for fire watch protection.


We can also provide the following services for a nominal addition to the monthly fee.


Domestic Protection Service Central Dispatch can also be your first contact regarding burglar alarms. Our officers will respond initially instead of Law Enforcement to verity whether the alarm is false or not to avoid fines imposed on the client.


Our Professional Security Officers can lock or unlock, close or open gates to your property to allow employees to enter in the morning and be ready for work on their arrival. A combination padlock is required.

Our Professional Security Officers will check your property for parking violations, abandoned vehicles, issue warnings to violators.